Family Immigration Visa – I-130 Family-Based Petitions

An I-130 petition is used if you are a citizen or lawful permanent resident (LPR) of the United States who needs to establish your relationship to an eligible relative who wishes to immigrate to the United States. Basically, one way to get a Green Card is to be sponsored by a family member that is a U.S. Citizen or a legally permanent resident (LPR).

This is filled out by the citizen or LPR, not the person wishing to immigrate.

Qualifying relatives of U.S. citizens:

  • Husband or Wife;
  • Unmarried child under the age of 21;
  • Unmarried son or daughter over the age of 21.

Qualifying relatives of U.S. permanent residents:

  • Spouse of a U.S. citizen
  • Unmarried child under the age of 21 of a U.S. citizen
  • Parent of a U.S. citizen who is at least 21 years old
  • Unmarried son or daughter of a U.S. citizen and 21 years old or older
  • Married son or daughter of a U.S. citizen
  • Brother or sister of a U.S. citizen